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On a mission to make the shift to new dairy with less CO2 easy

Why? – Our promise

Call us a better dairy company

On a mission to make products that consumers love, with less use of land, less water use, and less CO2Priced fairly.

We love dairy, but we are not bound by tradition. We use modern science to create better dairy without compromise – we promise mouthwatering taste and wholesome nutrition.

Our technology uses fewer cows or no cows, combining plants with milk proteins or with proteins coming from precision fermentation.

We are in a hurry, and we want to prove at scale that good bites do not mean to take a bite of the planet.
Our products should make the shift to new dairy with less CO2 easy.


Jakob Skovgaard, CEO

Jakob Skovgaard


With PlanetDairy, I am on a mission to create the future of dairy – starting with cheese.

Paul Cornillon Chief R&D Officer

Paul Cornillon

Chief R&D Officer

When I see ourselves in the future, our company will have a broad portfolio of products that will make a difference to consumers and the planet.

Jesper Colding, Chair and Commercial Lead

Jesper Colding

Chair and Commercial Lead

I want to play my little role in creating a future for dairy where fewer cows, plants and new technology work together.

With PlanetDairy, no one can taste the difference, but the planet sure will.


Cheese and plants with no compromise

Less impact on the environment

At PlanetDairy, we make products by mixing dairy. for example cheese,  and plant-based ingredients, making it taste good with less impact on the environment. It’s cheese with plants with no compromise on taste, nutrition, and functionality.

Everyone on the planet loves dairy

Except for the planet itself. Because whilst dairy brings goodness to everyone through its taste and nutritional value, it also impacts the planet in not so good ways, requiring intensive land and water usage with high levels of CO2e emissions.

This means that the dairy products everyone loves will also make an impact eventually. That’s why we are here to create a new paradigm for dairy, the planet, and ourselves.

Mixing dairy and plant-based ingredients

We created a product that blends the best natural cheese with nutritious plant-based proteins to make it as good for you, yet significantly reducing its impact on the planet.

CO2 impact ambition min.


reduction in CO2 equivalents

Taste and quality


same good taste and nutrition

PlanetDairy Wins Golden Egg Award 2022

PlanetDairy Wins Golden Egg Award 2022

We are honoured and humbled to receive the Golden Egg Award 2022 for PlanetDairy. A huge thanks to the organisers behind this event and the jury who found the PlanetDairy mission and progress worthy of the Golden Egg award. Our mission is to create tasty and healthy...

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Proud to be selected as a Nordic Top 50 Impact Company 2022

Proud to be selected as a Nordic Top 50 Impact Company 2022

The One Initiative is a bold ambition believing that it is possible to use the forces of the market as a powerful driver towards a sustainable future. United Nations’ figures show, that it is possible to achieve the 17 global sustainable development goals by 2030 if...

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Selected as finalist for The Golden Egg award 2022

Selected as finalist for The Golden Egg award 2022

The Golden Egg jury has selected three finalists from a really strong field of applicants. The finalists are: PlanetDairy: Dairy products Swap Language: The easy way to learn languages focalx: Car-inspections automated with AI technology… The Golden Egg is a start-up...

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